For financing a new project, I need to sell some of my equipment

If not mentioned otherwise, my gear is in excelent condition. Prices will include shipping within Europe

please inquire by mail for photos and more information if you are seriously interested

conditions of payment: Prices are in Euro including shipping within Europe. Prepayment by bank transfer required. I have a flawless reputation on several international forums, like LFI,, Nikonpoint, get DPI etc)


All prices may be negociated within reasonable limits. Feel free to make me an offer




500/4 AF ED     excelent condition, with box       3000.-   on hold

24-70/2.8      good condition, not used much, recently checked by Nikon  new price: 990.-

85/1.4 G  excelent condition, rarley used  990.-    SOLD

56/1.4 G almost like new 1190.-  ON HOLD

24/1.4 G  excelent, 1190.-   ON HOLD

Leica 80-200/4 with Leitax - Nikon bajonett, as new, 1300.-

Sigma 35/ 1.4 as new, please ask for price  SOLD

70-200/2.8 VR II, some signs of use, while not used very much  removed

D7000, almost unused, just used for some videos 390.-  SOLD

D800E with grip    SOLD



HC 150/3.2   excelent condition, was used on my Leica S2 so no central shutter used   2200.-

HC 100/2.2 like the 150, 2300.-


special offer: both Hasselblad lenses for 3900.-


Leica M

Leica Summilux 24 asph, almost new, 4750.- 

Leica Summilux 35 FLE, fresh from Leica service, very good, 3300.-

Leica Apo-Summicron 50, serviced, 5300.-

Leica Super-Elmar 18, as new, 1950.-

Leica MM, excelent   sold

Leica Elmarit 28 asph., as new, 1300.-

Voigtländer Héliar 50/2.0, nickle version, collectible, 400.- Euro

Leica Neopren bag, new unused     30 Euro sold


Leica S

Summarit 35, excelent condition, 3700.-  on hold

Summarit 120 CS, excelent, 4900.-

Leica S to Hasselblad V adapter-  SOLD

Leica S to Hasselblad HC adapter, excelent, 1200.- SOLD

Leica S splitscreen 250.-   SOLD


Leica R


Leica R6.2, complete overhaul by Leica, new shutter (please ask for explanation and photos)

Leica Summicron 50, excelent (please ask)

Leica Elmarit R 28, last version, very clean     1600.- Euro  (actually with Leitax Nikon-Bajonet)


this and that (you never know)


Soft lens hood for nikon 200/2

Thumbs up for M9 (black, shows some brass)

Voigtläner Lens hood for 35/1.2 avilable again